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Diamond PPF

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Hydrophobic Protection for Protective Film & Vinyl

Upgrade your ride to a luxurious-level with Diamond PPF - an ultra-slick nanodiamond coating that lasts 18 months. This one-layer wonder is explicitly designed for paint protection film & vinyl - offering superior protection for your wrap. Plus, it's easy to apply, maximizes hydrophobic properties, and offers amazing self-cleaning properties.

Diamond PPF is a nanodiamond, single-layer coating specially formulated for flexible surfaces that expand and contract, such as self-healing paint protection or vinyl films. Diamond PPF will create a transparent protective layer that will last 18 months and will repel water and provide UV protection for your car's wrapped surfaces. Diamond PPF will not add gloss or alter any matte, satin, or flat film finish in any way.


  • 18-Month Hydrophobic Protection
  • Effortless, Single-Layer Application
  • Perfectly safe for all gloss, satin, or matte films without altering the original finish

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