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Premium Low Lint Wool Pads - Case

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Color: Off White
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Lake Country Manufacturing’s Low Lint Knitted Pads are made from a knitted prewashed lambswool that’s added to a foam interface for maximum comfort & performance. Works great on DA, Rotary and Forced Rotation Tools.

Premium Low Lint pads are a knitted prewashed lambswool matted to a foam interface for maximum comfort, performance, and overall user feel/experience. Significant testing went into the design of low lint pads to determine the best weight & wool pile height to maximize this pad for peak performance on any type of machine. The foam interface makes this pad feel great on a rotary machine but has the durability and firmness to hold up on even a 21mm DA machine. This pad works well on Gelcoat to remove oxidation and can be used as a one step pad due to the amazing finish it provides. For DA, this pad is ideally used for heavy compounding bringing superior cutting abilities compared to a microfiber pad.

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