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Premium MTM Kit 5 Pro


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This premium MTM Hydro Hose Kit offers a Ready-to-Use solution for professionals looking to upgrade and replace stock hose or damaged hose. When considering hose, price is important but blowouts and down time outweigh any price conscious shopper. MTM Hydro’s Kobrajet series has twice the thickness of the interior lining compared to other “professional” hoses. This 2mm lining provides added interior support to withhold pressure and, in-turn, offers a more robust, durable hose that outlasts competitors. Paired with ‘Bite-the-Wire’ ferrules and salt tested fittings, this hose is not only a leader in commercial hose, it resists corrosion unlike any of its competitors. This hose kit comes with our ultra-reliable Kobrajet grey non-marking hose with Stainless fittings installed, and most importantly, multiple adapter options to ensure the kit will fit flawlessly on a variety of pressure washers. The all new 15mm Twist Coupling adapter offers you a consolidated option to adapt to proprietary M22 fittings that, previously kept you from upgrading the stock hoses provided by the manufacturer. This premium setup comes with three options to quickly connect to the pump outlet and cross multiple lines of pressure washers from commercial grade to residential washers in big box stores. Be sure to note the contents shown in the image before purchasing as your washer may have a different outlet fitting at the pump. Beware, some residential washers with hose reels built in may not allow you to upgrade the hose. See our MTM premium gun kits for options to upgrade items other than the hose.


  • 14mm & 15mm M22 Coupling adapters converted to 3/8” QC Couplers
  • 50' 4,000 PSI Grey Non- Marking Kobrajet Hose with silicon based jacket
  • Stainless fittings installed
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