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Soft Grip Wheel and Body Brush

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It is designed to deep clean wheels and tires, but, due to its extremely soft green-flagged bristles, it is safe to use on paint as well. Useful for cleaning grilles, around emblems, door jambs, textured trim, and anywhere paint-safe agitation is required.

     The long handle is perfect for reaching any surface from just about any angle. The short handle is great for wheels where there are a lot of crevices that require more maneuverability.

    Additional Product Details

    • Ultra Soft 2" Green Flagged Tip Bristles Are Resistant to Acids and Detergents
    • Thermal Plastic Rubber Safety Bumper
    • Ergonomically Designed and Angled Handle Protects Hands, Keeping Them Away From Surface
    • Soft-Grip Thermal Plastic Rubber Grips Reduce Slippage Wet or Dry and Absorb Shock To Your Hands For Ultimate Comfort

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