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E-Commerce Amazon Specialist
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Company Culture

The Rag Company proudly employs a very diverse team of amazing people with roots from all around the world. The way we live,
work, and play is demonstrated through our core values. These traits are displayed by our team members who help guide us in the
right direction each day.

Our culture is a respected blend of hard work coupled with a relaxed environment. We genuinely strive to provide all team members
with a comfortable and fun work environment. As with any company or position, some days will require dedicated hard work or the
need to perform a tedious task, we won’t hide it, but we confidently feel by having the right team members and culture those
challenges can be resolved head-on with a positive attitude.
If this sounds like the right work environment for you, don’t delay, apply today - we’re looking for you!

Core Values

● Be Respectful
● Lead by Example
● Strive for Excellence
● Keep it Real with Kind Candor
● Recognize and Cultivate Potential


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