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The Dealer Program

DEALER PROGRAM [Designed for Small-to-Medium Size Re-Sellers & Distributors 

  • ADDITIONAL 5% OFF Full Cases  
  • Minimum Spend @ $500  
  • No Tax for Approved Re-Sellers  
  • RED below indicates higher discount change from the BUSINESS PROGRAM discount  


  • TRC / ULTRA Products @ 30% Off(Excluding Tools)  
  • ULTRA AIR Tools @ 25% Off  

20% OFF  

  • All P&S Products  
  • All Diamond ProTech Products  
  • All Solution Finish Products  
  • All Stjarnagloss Products  
  • All GTechniq Products  
  • All iK Products  
  • All Buff and Shine Products  
  • All Lake Country Products  
  • All Detail Factory Products  
  • All YelloTools Products  
  • All Buff Brite Products  
  • All The Wrap Institute (TWI) Products  
  • All GritGuard Products  

15% OFF  

  • All Koch-Chemie Products  
  • All Colourlock Products  
  • All Optimum / Opti-Coat Products  
  • All The Last Detail Products  
  • All Weldy Tools Products  
  • All Detailer's Helper Products  
  • All Rupes Pads, Chemicals and Accessories  

5% OFF  

  • All Rupes Polishers  
  • All Scangrip Products  


How Do I sign up? 

  • Apply to The DEALER PROGRAM. 


  • $500 minimum total required for each order. 
  • Requires a validated State-Issued Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate for your state on file with The Rag Company and completion of the DEALER PROGRAM online registration form including agreement with all its applicable terms and conditions. Complete official copies only. Partial copies of the certificate will not be accepted 
  • DEALER PROGRAM pricing will be displayed on all applicable products while logged into the assigned account using the email designated by the account owner. 
  • Products purchased must be sold by the approved business and cannot be shared with other non-related individuals / businesses or for personal use. Repeat violators of this rule will be notified and have their account deactivated / canceled for future use. 
  • Approval of DEALER PROGRAM membership is at the discretion of The Rag Company based upon the business and permit validation information provided during the application process.  The Rag Company also reserves the right to cancel membership at any time. 
  • Sales of TRC branded products on Amazon is strictly prohibited without prior written approval. However, sales of private label and other non-TRC branded products on Amazon is acceptable. 


  • How do I know if the DEALER PROGRAM is right for me? 
  • If you can answer YES to all the following questions, the DEALER PROGRAM is probably right for you: 
  • Are you a reseller with a valid state issued Reseller's Tax Exemption Permit? 
  • Are you able to spend a minimum of $500 on each order? 
  • What if I can't answer yes to all the questions above but I do own / manage / or purchase for a business and want the best deals? 
  • Then the BUSINESS PROGRAM is probably the best fit for you with substantial everyday Business discounts designed for end users of our products. Here is the best way of evaluating which program is best for your business order: 
  • I'm a Reseller and my order will be $500 or more = DEALER PROGRAM 
  • I'm an End User and I own, manage, or purchase for a business = BUSINESS PROGRAM 
  • Is the DEALER PROGRAM also available to customers outside the U.S.? 
  • Yes, with prior approval from The Rag Company management (email the DEALER PROGRAM will be made available to international businesses on a case-by-case basis.  However, applications from businesses in countries/regions where The Rag Company already has Master Distributors located (currently Australia, Canada, UK, and Europe) will be forwarded to those Master Distributors for consideration.  Free shipping offer does not apply to shipping outside the U.S. (only to the Lower 48 States).  Also, if your country doesn't require Resellers Permits (Tax Exemption), then we will still require some type of official government-issued documentation indicating your business / tax collection validation that legally satisfies U.S. IRS rules regarding this as it applies to your country. 
  • If I am an accepted DEALER PROGRAM member based outside the U.S., can I have my orders shipped to a U.S.-based freight forwarder? 
  • Yes - regarding the placement of your international DEALER PROGRAM order and the associated shipping, the best option is to have your order shipped to a U.S.-based freight forwarder you work with (Free Shipping to them if based in the lower 48 states) who can then ship your order across the border to you or, if feasible, you can pick it up directly from them for transport across the border.  At this time, we are unable to ship DEALER PROGRAM orders across the border directly to international customers and cannot be responsible for international shipping and delivery other than to the U.S. address you provide. 
  • Can I place my DEALER PROGRAM order over the phone or through email? 
  • No - Due to order volume and the complexity of the DEALER PRO-gram Wholesale pricing, we are only able to process these types of orders automatically through our website and not over the phone or through email due to the additional manual processing required for those types of services. 
  • What does The Rag Company do with the data I provide? 
  • The Rag Company keeps all information confidential and will never share your email addresses with any third party. We are a company that will protect and safeguard the privacy of our customers. See our privacy policy for the details of our pledge to your privacy.  We only use the information you provide in the application form as a means of validating the existence of your business and authorizing your membership into the DEALER PROGRAM.  

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