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LacyTips HD

Regular price $45.95

Color: Red / Teflon

Lift rubber seals easily with Yellotools LacyTip HD

If you have to lift rubber seals, weatherstrips or trims to tuck your car wrap vinyl underneath, sometimes you need a heavy-duty tool to get the right pressure on a certain spot. A lot of professional installers around the globe love our LacyTips, but they wanted to have them in a more "stressable" version with customized tool tips. So here we go - the reinforced LacyTips HD are what you asked for 

LacyTips HD are available with two different sizes of the ball tip and of the shovel tip  XL. We recommend using both variants; ambitious users order the optional Teflon coating!

Product Features

  • reinforced, stainless steel lifting tool
  • specially refined tool tips
  • four different versions available
  • LacyTip HD Teflon with Teflon coating
  • LacyTip HD XL Teflon

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