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A new product from YelloTools and The Wrap Institute, the TinnyCut blade is a small, lightweight cutting tool for trimming and cutting vinyl wrap for your car, truck, SUV, Boat, or RV. It can also be used to cut paper or for sign-making. The small size fits easily in your hand and toolbelt and is maneuverable around edges. Its Titanium Nitrate blade stays sharper than a stainless steel blade. The coated steel blade cuts cleanly and precisely, and with the cutting regulator, film and backing papers can also be cut separately.
Size: 80 mm (3.15") x 45 mm (1.77") x 3mm (0.11")
Check out the TinnyCut Mag with a magnet on the back: With this, the vinyl cutter can be parked within easy reach on all metallic surfaces

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