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Color: Orange

Squeegee blade for removing self-adhesive films

Scraping up vinyl images and texts with your fingernails is slow and ineffective. But razor blade scrapers scratch cars and other valuable surfaces, and eraser attachments on power drills are messy. So what do you do?
The answer is to use YelloBlade, the fast and effective vinyl removal and delidding tool that's safe for all surfaces. Plus, is is super-affordable, comfortable to grip and fits easily in your pocket or tool belt. It's a faster and safer alternative to razor knives for fixing misplaced graphics or lettering, too.

Product Features

  • easy, scratch-free removing & delidding of vinyl films, stickers, gaskets and more
  • solvent-resistant plastic for paint-saving work
  • usable on all types of surfaces
  • dimensions: 7.5 x 4.5 cm / 3" x 1.77"

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