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Odor Doc Permanent Odor Elimination Kit

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Odor Doc Permanent Odor Elimination Kit is a quick release vapor process that eliminates stubborn odors including odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, etc. Odor Doc quickly treats enclosed areas with the most powerful (chlorine dioxide gas) penetrating technology available. Released as a vapor, the broad spectrum biocide product is safe, powerful and effective.

The process is simple. Make sure the interior of the vehicle is clean and dry prior to treatment. Treatment takes one hour. ODOR DOC is 8 times stronger than traditional chlorine dioxide treatments and destroys the toughest of odors.

    Additional Product Details

    • Odor Elimination Kit
    • Chlorine Dioxide Treatment
    • For Use By Professionals
    • 5 minute Prep, 1 hour Treatment
    • One Kit Per Treatment
    • Easy and Effective

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