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No Soak Coating Applicator Kit

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Save money and get your coating applicators in one kit! 

We took two essentials for applying coatings to your car's interior and exterior and combined them into one kit. You get:

  • 2 3"x5" TRC NO SOAK Applicator sponges
  • 3 16"x16" Ice Grey TRC Edgeless Pearl Weave Towels—70/30 blend, 320 gsm

Our NO SOAK Coating Applicators have a special barrier that helps prevent coatings from soaking past the microfiber cover and into the sponge. Preventing coatings from getting lost in the sponge ensures your coatings last longer and you get to cover more surface area before putting more on the applicator. 

The Edgeless Pearl Weave microfiber towels are the workhorses of the TRC lineup. The pearl weave is great for leveling coatings and buffing excess. In addition, the plush 70/30 blend and edgeless design help prevent scratching and micro-marring on delicate surfaces such as chrome, paint, glass, or mirrors.

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