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Diamond Pro 120 Spray Kit


Diamond ProTech Pro products are available for purchase by certified Diamond ProTech installers. Learn more by visiting the Diamond ProTech website.

Our 10 Year Coating System

PRO 120  offers top of the line protection and esthetic look, while enabling the detailer the ability to work in a comfortable and efficient manner.  100% inorganic polymers infused with trillions of nanodiamond particles are combined to create a finish that will amaze.

PRO 120 is a multi-stage, top-of-the-line nanodiamond coating. Utilizing our most sophisticated, nanodiamond formula, PRO 120 creates immense protection, scratch resistance and  rich color depth. Combined with PRO HYDRO, our long-lasting hydrophobic topcoat, this package creates an intense mirror-like gloss and irresistible slickness. With proper preparation, PRO 120 will yield up to 10  years of hardened, hydrophobic protection.  

  • 10 Year Armor Protection
  • Diamond Hard Scratch Resistance
  • Chrome-like Mirror Gloss & Rich Color Depth
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Top Coat

Diamond Pro 120 Spray Installation Instructions

Download SDS: Diamond Pro 120 A

Download SDS: Diamond Pro 120 B Spray

Download SDS: Diamond Pro Hydro

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