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Diamond Body Kit

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Diamond Body

Diamond Body is our breakthrough nanodiamond coating that doesn't require professional training to achieve amazing hydrophobic results on your vehicle. Prep the car then apply with ease. Diamond Body will yield up to 18 months of hydrophobic protection. 

Diamond Body Prep

Diamond Body Prep is an ideal paint surface cleanser that will remove all polish residues, waxes, and sealants to allow an optimal bonding for nanodiamond protective coatings.

Kit Includes

  • Diamond Body - 50ml
  • Diamond Body Prep - 100ml+sprayer
  • Applicator pad
  • Microfiber towel
  • Gloves


DPT Note

Special Note from Diamond ProTech: Known for their warmth and color depth, Diamond ProTech formulas for Diamond Body activates a chemical named titanium butoxide that will turn slightly yellow upon UV exposure. This activation enriches your vehicles warmth, gloss, and final finish. If you receive a bottle that is clear or yellow, both are acceptable and does not constitute a faulty product. The product yellowing is normal activation, it will not yield discoloration to your vehicle’s finish; it will only enrich and increase warmth of all vehicle colors.

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