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Force Hybrid Foam Pads - Case

Regular price $265.00

Color: Orange

The Orange Light Cutting Pad is perfect for applying medium cutting polishes and compounds that reduce and eliminate swirls and fine scratches. The Lake Country Orange Cutting Pad is a special blend of foam that allows abrasive polishes to work deep into the clear coat's surface, delivering highly effective cutting power. The extra cutting power this pad provides is essential to removing the swirls and fine scratches, but is very safe. This pad helps you build optimal levels of heat and pressure to properly break down and work in a polish. Typically you will follow up this polish and pad with a lighter polish and pad combination. Using a lighter polish and pad after helps ensure there is no haze left on the surface and you get maximum gloss. This entire process is quite safe and a standard detailing process for improving the optical clarity of your clear coat. After completing this process you will allow more light to pass through the clear coat and increase the brightness of your paint. Using the light cutting pad is a great way to begin a detail and create the most dramatic results.

  • A light cutting pad designed to remove moderate swirls and scratches with a medium polish.

The Lake Country White Polishing Pad is a great buffing pad that can apply polishes, paint cleansers, glazes, sealants, waxes, All in One (AIO) products and more. Its ideal application is probably for light polishes that need good pressure to be broken down and worked in properly. The White Polishing Pad gives you a great balance of polishing power that works the product well into the surface but also is gentle enough that it won't leave any hazing or marring. This pad is one of the best all around pads on the market and gets fantastic results each time. Use this versatile pad today and take your detailing to the next level.

  • Helps safely remove minor surface imperfections such as very fine swirls, oxidation, etc.

The Lake Country Black Finishing Pad can be used when applying light polishes, finishing polishes, chemical polishes, paint cleansers, All In One (AIO), glazes, sealants and liquid waxes. This pad is very soft and can evenly distribute the exact right amount of product needed for an amazing gloss and shine. Therefore it's also commonly used to apply your favorite AIO, sealant or liquid wax. The Black Finishing Pad is extremely gentle and easy to use so you get great results in less time. It has enough power to work the product in while providing maximum gloss at the same time. This pad is also sometimes referred to as the Lake Country Gray Pad or Grey Pad.

  • A finishing pad is designed to bring the paint to its maximum depth and gloss when combined with a finishing polish.
  • Used to apply a light polish, finishing polish, glaze, sealant or liquid wax.

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