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Stekare Gold Air Freshener

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This sprayable air freshener exudes an aroma that resembles wealth, finery, and how the "better half live". 

Not only does it smell like the red carpet of Hollywood, but we went one step further. YES, that is real 24k gold flake. A genuine sprinkling of Brinks Mat goodness in each bottle. No glitter or fake gold here. 

OTT? Absolutely! Do you want it even more now? Of course!. You have style, charisma, and the ultimate way to exude all of these qualities.

Treat it much like a bottle of aftershave or perfume, two sprays a day in the footwell; but don't over-saturate the carpets (it won't last any longer, it will just smell stronger). Less is more. Not that you need to be told, playboy.

Comes with confidence, a smug look on your face, and, best of all, it's laced with real gold.

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