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Over the Top Plastic Sealer - Case

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Solution Finish Over the Top (OTT) Plastic Sealer is a long-term protectant for new and restored plastic trim. OTT was formulated to lock in the look of restored trim after using Solution Finish black or fusion grey. OTT can also be used as a standalone sealer for new or slightly faded plastic and rubber trim. This flexible thermoplastic sealer combines the ultimate in toughness ands UV resistance with a clear gloss seal. It dries to a durable coating that offers technologically advanced performance, without an artificial “wet look.” OTT can be used to protect bumpers, pads, trim, mirrors, mud flaps, window trim, seals, running boards, truck bed caps and covers, handles, wiper blades, etc.

  • For a deeper look, OTT can be stacked on itself between cure times
  • We recommend 30 minutes of cure time between coats
    • No more than 3 coats total
  • Allow to cure for 12 hours before exposing to water

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