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Mold n' Hold - Black Edge Sealing Tape

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Mold n' Hold: Visible edge sealing tape for commercial and color change wraps

  • PERFECT MATCH: Looks exactly like factory textured molding found on most vehicles
  • GREATER EFFICIENCY: Lowers install times on wrapping mirrors and increases durability 
  • REDUCE INSTALL TIME: Helps lower color change install times by up to one (1) hour
  • MULTIPLE USES: Can also be used for custom pinstripes
  • QUALITY: Concept and name by Justin Pate from The Wrap Institute and produced by Alltak, the leading Brazilian wrap film manufacturer

During Justin Pate’s time as an installer and now as a world renowned instructor, he noticed two pain points for commercial and color change installs: the edges of mirrors that fail over time and color change installs that take too long.  Another thing he noticed was that almost all vehicles come with black textured molding both outside and inside the body.  This combination gave him a wrappy idea: come up with a visual edge sealing tape that looks like factory molding.  

In 2012, while teaching a workshop in Brazil for Alltak, he noticed that they had a textured black matte film called Jateado that looked just like the black textured factory molding on cars.  Justin asked Marcelo Souss, the owner of Alltak, if he could cut the rolls down to ½” x 75’ and box/label them.  Marcelo said of course and then he said, “What do you want to call it?”  To which Justin said, “Mmmm, Mold n Hold sounds good.”  With that, a great product was born.

When wrapping mirrors for commercial or color change, cut the film on the edge 1/8” short.  Then put a strip of Mold n Hold half on the wrap film and half on the paint.  The combination holds down the main wrapping film while blending seamless into the factory textured molding on the vehicle.  This helps make installs easier and ensures long term durability. 

For color change wraps, a big time killer is having to wrap the material deep into the body in order to cover all the visible paint of the vehicle.  This requires a lot of work and often leads to overstretching the film.  With Mold n Hold, installers can cut the film commercial style which is much quicker.  To get full coverage in the gaps, simply add Mold n Hold.  It looks like a shadow in the gaps and looks like it’s a natural part of the vehicle.  

“Once you use Mold n Hold and experience those lower install times while making happy customers extra satisfied with the end result, you will be hooked”

WIDTH: 0.39in (10mm X 23m)

LENGTH: 25 yards

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