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Body Guard Knife - EVO

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** Endorsed by Justin Pate

The BodyGuard Knife EVO is the ideal safety wrap tool you need to make safe and clean cuts and create the perfect custom wrap job. Utilizing a high-quality Teflon coating, the BodyGuard Knife EVO is designed to improve the gliding properties on Vinyl films and liner papers while protecting the film and the substrate backing paper; this makes it possible to cut vinyl films and liner papers together!

In addition, the BodyGuardKnife EVO is equipped with a knurled screw which allows you to easily change the cutting direction of the blade from pull to push; just loosen the screw, turn the cutting head around and fasten it again.

To make sure your knife is always ready, BodyGuardKnife EVO features a catch hook integrated into the handle for easy storing in your pocket or tool bag.

When the job is done, sit back, treat yourself, and check out the new refreshing feature for your after-work beverage; a bottle opener included at the end of the handle!

Product features

  • High-Quality Teflon Coating Glide Base 
  • Knurled Screw to Adapt Knife for Pull and Push Cuts
  • Catch Hook for Handy Storage
  • Integrated Bottle Opener

**Note: Please remove the blade protector before use to ensure that the BodyGuardKnife EVO functions properly.

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