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Ultra Clay Towel

Regular price $29.95

Color: Blue

The ULTRA Clay Towel helps maintain a clean & smooth surface. An evolution of the clay bar, it is easy to handle and picks up contaminants just as easily as a traditional clay bar. 

Before initial use, rub the Ultra Clay Towel on glass using clay lubricant. Inspect the surface of the Ultra Clay Towel before and during use. To clean the clay surface, spray the clay surface with lubricant and wipe gently with your hand. After repeated use, or if too much contamination is present, discard and use a new Ultra Clay Towel.

  • Use before waxing, buffing & polishing
  • Truly deep cleans & smooths the finish
  • Increases gloss, depth & shine of your paint
  • Helps waxes & sealants last longer

To maximize the lifespan and usefulness of your ULTRA Clay Towel, follow these tips:

  • Do not soak in liquid
  • Do not squeeze or wring out
  • Do not store lying flat on the clay media surface
  • Do not store wet in air-tight containers


  • Wash vehicle to remove loose dirt and debris
  • Spray your preferred clay lubricant on a small section of the vehicle
  • Gently rub the Ultra Clay Towel or Mitt over the lubricated area until contaminants are removed and surface is smooth. Wipe area with a Microfiber Drying Towel. Continue in sections until the vehicle is fully decontaminated
  • Follow with Your Favorite Wax, Sealant, or move onto compound/polish

USE BEFORE WAXING to remove surface contaminants.

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