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Chenille Wash Mitt

Regular price $12.00

Color: Blue

Get top-tier washing performance with this tagless microfiber wash mitt. The soft 80/20 blend feels great on the hand and is extra absorbent. Coupled with its tagless design, it won't scratch your paint or glass. 

The cuff keeps it securely on your hand without being too tight and the foam inside is both absorbent and comfortable. These ensure that you will have amazing control over while cleaning and your hand won't move around inside the mitt.

It can also be used just as effectively as a wash pad with your hand on the outside of the glove. 

This wash mitt comes with a microfiber loop at the base of the cuff so you can hang dry it between washes. 

When it comes time to clean your wash mitt, we recommend using our proprietary Rags to Riches™ microfiber laundry detergent for best results. You can wash this mitt with all of your microfiber products as well.

Product Information

  • Border/Edging: Stitched Cuff
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Blend: 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide

Additional Product Details

  • Perfect Fit for Most Hands
  • Our Best Selling Mitt: Excellent Quality Microfiber Mitt for the Most Effective Cleaning Ability 
  • Includes Finish-Safe White Microfiber Hanging Loop to Hang-Dry Mitt after Use (Easy to Snip if Unwanted)
  • Elastic Cuff to Keep Your Hand Inside While Washing
  • Lint-Free/Non-Abrasive and Extra Absorbent
  • Extremely Durable - Able to Withstand Numerous Washings
  • Strong Choice for Auto/Marine/RV/Cycle Washing, Detailing, Buffing and Polishing


If interior liner of the mitt is punctured/compromised at all, do NOT machine wash. Once the liner is damaged and the foam padding inside has been exposed, there is a high risk of the foam getting shredded by certain aggressive types of wash machine agitators (typically top-loading) and sticking to other microfiber products in the same wash.

Care Instructions

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