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HG 330-S Heat Gun

Regular price $159.00

The Wrap Institute asked Weldy (Leister) to produce a premium heat gun kit for the wrap industry that checked all the boxes: durable, lightweight, variable heat settings, high performance and safe (no burns!);  Weldy more than delivered with the 330-S TWI Platinum Edition Heat Gun Car Wrap Kit.  

Key Premium Bonus Features including:

  • CUSTOM HIGH-PERFORMANCE HEAT GUN made exclusively by Weldy (Leister) for The Wrap Institute
  • LIGHTWEIGHT (1.65 pounds) without Compromising Heat and Blowing Performance
  • Nozzle Heat Protection Device
  • Longer 16-foot Cord
  • Air Intake Guards
  • Adjustable Heat Dial: TEMPERATURE RANGE: 176F to 1,112F

This combination allows installers to plug and wrap without the need for an extension cord.  The air intake guards keeps the heat gun from overheating which prolongs the life.  The nozzle heat protection device helps keep installers and carpet from getting burned without sacrificing performance.  Additionally, the heat gun is lightweight which means less fatigue and more focus.  Finally, it comes with an adjustable dial which allows installers to control the heat to suit any wrap job perfectly from window tint, PPF, color change, commercial wraps, interior, walls and floors.  Installers from all fields can be confident that this heat gun will provide them quality they can feel and customers can see.

*WELDY - Part of the Leister Brand Known Around the World as the Rolls Royce of Heat Guns

*THE WRAP INSTITUTE Platinum Product Series - Quality that Installers Can Feel and Customers Can See

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