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Alkali Wheel Cleaner - Case

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The powerful, alkaline wheel cleaner with exceptional dirt absorption capabilities and cleaning power. Using a complex combination of special dirt carriers and an alkaline solution, the dirt resulting from brake abrasion is quickly dissolved and dispersed, similarly to acidic wheel cleaners.

The rim well is also thoroughly cleaned after just one application. The Alkali Wheel Cleaner generates minimal foam for excellent moistening and minimal fogging. These properties make it possible to quickly and thoroughly clean the wheels without irritating skin.

  • EASY TO USE - Dilute up to a 10:1 ratio and spray onto the wheel face, barrel, and brakes. Agitate with a brush and wash with water. Repeat for heavily soiled wheels.
  • DEEP CLEANING POWER - Lifts and dissolves brake dust, dirt, and road fallout from the entire wheel and brakes. Also suitable for cleaning wheel wells.

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