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Rupes Bigfoot Polisher Skinz

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Time to update or just personalize the look of your polisher?  Whether you have a Rupes Mark l, ll or lll (Bigfoot 21 or 15 model) a Rotary or Forced action, this precisely cut template kit will easily install, greatly protect and vastly improve the “WOW” factor of your “Go To” polishing tool. Your social media posts will come to life with Buff Brite Skinz helping you Polish to perfection. 

These kits are made of a high-end, thick, PPF style material that is back printed and designed with super strong proprietary adhesive.

Simply clean your Polisher well with isopropyl alcohol and then carefully install the supplied Buff Brite Skinz to the various panels of the tool. If you can peel and stick a sticker you can easily take your polisher to the next level in a few short minutes. Prepare to be impressed!

Fits the following Rupes models with very minimal or no alteration:

  • LHR 21  (Mark l, ll, lll and ES Legacy model)
  • LHR 15  (Mark l, ll, lll and ES Legacy model)
  • LH900 Mille forced action polisher
  • LH19e Rotary polisher

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