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Carpet Drill Brush - Case

Regular price $821.61

Color: White

The White Drill Brush Attachment was designed to work with a corded or cordless drill for quick and effective cleaning. The white Nylon bristles are a softer option that that can be used on Carpet, Fabric Upholstery, and Rubber Floor Mats. This attachment should be used with your favorite chemical cleaner and worked-in to the surface you are cleaning. Wipe away excess residue with a Microfiber Towel. Repeat as necessary to remove deeper stains.

To maintain the White Drill Brush Attachment: Rinse with water after use and let air dry. Note* the Bristles will soften with consecutive use but should not be used on any delicate surface. Avoid Paint, Plastic Parts, Glass, Vinyl, and Suede Surfaces.

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