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Tire Scrub Brush

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Color: Red

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The Detail Factory Tire Brush is a PREMIUM Scrubbing Brush designed from the ground up! The Stiff Synthetic are able to cut through grime on Rubber surfaces such as Tires and floor Mats. Paired with your favorite Rubber Cleaner or APC, the brush will scrub off any “browning” from tires to restore an OEM look. The bristles have enough flexibility to get into deep tire grooves and off-road tread that other brushes don’t. Detail Factory gave this brush an extremely ergonomic design to reduce fatigue in extreme scrubbing circumstances. In our opinion, this is the best Tire Brush we have ever used!

We recommend thoroughly rinsing the bristles after use and hung to dry. You can use an APC to deep clean the bristles when needed. Please do NOT store this brush in a bucket of water for long periods of time.


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