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20-Piece Firearm Cleaning Kit

The Rag Company

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Excellent quality microfiber, absolutely safe for use on all types of metal, wood, plastic, glass and other materials with NO scratching or linting.

Special Note: Towel colors will vary depending on availability.

    • Six (6) Dark Grey and Six (6) Black 10 x 10 Microfiber Terry Towels for All-Purpose Cleaning
    • One (1) Grey and One (1) Black 12 x 12 Silky Soft Microfiber Suede Cloths for Cleaning/Polishing/Buffing All Metals and Optics
    • A Variety of Six (6) Light Grey, White, and/or Black (depending upon color availability) 6 x 7 Knit Microfiber Lens Cloths for Use On All Optics and Smaller Parts/Pieces
  • Finest Quality 100% Premium AA-Grade Split Microfiber. Long Considered the Best Available, Preferred by Professional Gunsmiths and Fishing Tackle Experts Around the World. 
  • Ability to Withstand Hundreds of Washings Getting Softer Each Time. With Proper Care, These Tagless Professional Microfiber Towels with Hundreds of Thousands of Fibers per Square Inch will Continue to Deliver a Scratch-Free, Lint-Free and Swirl-Free Finish to the Wood, Metals, Plastics, and Glass Optics of Your Investments Every Time


Care Instructions

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