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GeckoPatch Set - Case

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Reusable, self-adhesive magnet pads

Mounting magnet for professional signmaking and car wrapping applications

2 gecko patches

2 SpeedMag HD

In combination with GeckoPatch adhesive pads, SpeedMag HD is also usable on glass surfaces and aluminum car bodies

GeckoPatches are perfect for use on smooth surfaces such as vehicle panels, windows, aluminum, plastic, plexi-glass, etc.
These versatile pads with a thin metal plate stick to all non-metal surfaces without any adhesive, solely through the capillary action of their material. 

SpeedMag is a true marvel, with the strength to hold large graphics and vinyls in place, even on windy days. These powerful magnets Made in Germany feature a special, food-grade rubber coating that protects a vehicle's paint. or printed graphics during installation. And there are more possible applications, e.g. in the production of advertising materials or as a holder for adhesive tapes and other equipment 

    Product Features

    • strong adhesion
    • tractive force 10 kg
    • shear force 3 kg
    • holding force 100 Newton
    • easy application work without assistance
    • special coating protects car bodies and graphics
    • weight incl. handle: 42 g
    • dimensions of the magnetic plate: 43 x 6 mm
    • maximum operating temperature: 140 °F

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