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Headlight Polish Set

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The Headlight Polish Set gives foggy yellowed matt headlights a clear view again. With our perfectly coordinated polishes and pads, an optimal surface is created in just two steps. Perfect for reviving and polishing acrylic glass headlights. The branded black plastic case contains sanding papers of different grain sizes, a hand block with Velcro for manual sanding, Headlight Polish 1, Headlight Polish 2 with sealing components, and three matching pads.
Set Includes:
* 250 ml Headlight Polish 1
* 250 ml Headlight Polish 2
* Heavy Cut Pad 76x23mm
* Lambskin Pad 80mm
* Thermo Pad 76x23mm
* Abralon sandpaper 1.000 grit
* Abralon sandpaper 2.000 grit
* Abralon sandpaper 4.000 grit
* Hand block with velcro for sandpaper
Good To Know:
* Headlight Polish 1:
Polish for fast reworking of heavily weathered PMMA headlights, elimination of scratches, and effective removal of sanding scratches from P 1000 grit.
* Headlight Polish 2:
Innovative polish for a rapid creation of a high-gloss surface on pre-treated PMMA headlights for effective removal of sanding scratches from P 2000 grit with simultaneous sealing effect.
* Thermo Pad:
The included Thermo Pad helps to remove minor scratches and holograms on acrylic glass headlights. Due to its thermochromic property, the color of this pad will remain orange between the optimal temperatures of 104-113°F (40-45°C) and change to yellow once it reaches above 113°F (45°C). This color change allows you to have more control over temperature development of the material during processing.
** 113°F (45°C) should not be exceeded during grinding and polishing.
Shake before using; Protect against frost and excessive heat; Do not use on hot surfaces; Before using, check suitability and compatibility.

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