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One Cut & Finish P6.01
One Cut & Finish P6.01
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One Cut & Finish P6.01


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One Cut & Finish is an Innovative machine polish for quickly producing high-gloss surfaces and for effectively removing scratches and grindings from a grit size of P2000 and above with a simultaneous sealing effect.

CUT: 6.0
GLOSS: 8.0

Areas Of Use:

  • Paints on cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, etc.


  • Apply using a high-performance orbital polisher and a One Step Pad in a crosswise direction
  • Apply the high-gloss polish at a medium speed with medium pressure


  • Safety data sheet available on request for trade users
  • Shake before using
  • Protect against frost and excessive heat. Do not use on hot surfaces
  • Before using, check suitability and compatibility
  • This product information can advice you only without obligation. Liability on our part can not be derived. Please check whether the product is suitable for your application

Download SDS: One Cut & Finish P6.01



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