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Ninja Knife + Samurai Ninja Knife Blades Combo

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Color: Black

The Ninja Knife + Samurai Ninja Knife Blades Combo Set Includes one each:

Ninja warriors are famous for their stealth, elite skills.  The NINJA KNIFE is equally famous in Japan for it’s lightweight and precise cutting.  This amazing combination is now available in North America exclusively through our partnership with The Wrap Institute.  The NINJA KNIFE is less than half the weight of standard light duty utility knives.  This helps reduce fatigue over the course of the day and helps ensure safety when cutting directly on a surface.  The NINJA KNIFE and Replacement Blades are produced in Japan so quality and precision are assured.

Replacement / Additional Blades: Design Lab - Samurai / Ninja Knife Blades (50-Pack)

  • Featherweight light-duty utility knife: reduces fatigue and enhances precision
  • Uses: color change, commercial, signage, interior, PPF, DIY, craft, home, office
  • Durable plastic body protects substrates when cutting
  • Single cartridge holder
  • KAI Samurai Stainless Steel, .30mm
Product Information
  • Knife Color Options: Red and Black
  • Blades: KAI Samurai Stainless Steel, .30mm
  • Country of Origin:  Japan

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