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True Vue Glass Cleaner - Ready to Use (RTU)


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True Vue Ready To Use Glass Cleaner is a 4 to 1 diluted version of the parent product True Vue Glass Cleaner from the ChemTrol lineup. This convenient format now allows the P&S Team to grab a glass cleaner right out of the case and clean glass!

One product that has always been missing from the P&S product line has been a pint of glass cleaner. As we continue to expand the P&S Double Black line adding a glass cleaner made total sense as we grow our business toward the DIY consumer.

 TRUE VUE Concentrated Glass Cleaner (1 Gallon) is an excellent and effective water-based glass cleaner that quickly removes road film, smoke and dirt. TRUE VUE Glass Cleaner may be diluted anywhere from 4:1 up to 10:1 depending upon desired performance. TRUE VUE is perfect for both hot and cold weather applications with longer working time for hot weather and fast enough evaporation for colder climates.

Download SDS: True Vue

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