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High Performance Coarse Cutting Foam Pad - D-A Coarse

Regular price $37.95

Color: Blue
Price Per Piece
Size Retail (MSRP)
40MM (1.5in) $37.95 $34.16 - Save 10%
100MM (4in)
$7.19 - Save 10%
150MM (6in)
$9.99 $8.99 - Save 10%
180MM (7in)
$10.99 $9.89 - Save 10%

9.DA Series H

Color Style
Course Cutting Pad
Yellow Fine Finishing Pad
White Ultra Fine Finishing Pad

The DA COARSE foam pad is specially designed to be used with both random orbital and gear-driven tools. The unique open-cell all new foam material removes mild to severe defects from most paint systems. When paired with RUPES DA-COARSE compound provides improved cutting and finishing ability.

This new pad combines the best aspects of the previous blue and green foams, with an increased durability and a more vibrant blue color.

Item Pad Back / Pad Face
Blue 100MM
80mm (3") / 100mm (4")
Blue 150MM 130mm (5") / 150mm (6")
Blue 180MM 150mm (6") / 180mm (7")

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