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Snö Foam Pre-Wash

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This dense pH-neutral snow foam has a great dwell time for maximum cleaning performance on lightly soiled cars, but it is mild enough to leave existing coatings unaffected. 

If you want the best (cleanest) finish, that a pH-neutral snow foam can deliver, get Snö. It's never been easier (or quicker) to get rid of dust and light dirt from your paint. We're certain it's one of the best pH-neutral snow foams on the market!


How To Use

  1. Apply via a professional snow foam cannon with a pressure washer capable of 130bar or more for best results. Karcher K2s will work but a good snow foam cannon will be needed and you may have to use a stronger mix.
  2. Cover your car from the bottom upwards to increase the dwell time of the product on those dirty lower areas. A little slip to the snow foam will help carry the dirt away.

This liter bottle is good for 10 liters or more of snow foam mixture, which is enough to coat about 12-14 average sized cars.

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