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The Final Polish

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The Final Polish (TFP) is a water-based finishing polish that was designed by a detailer for detailers. TFP is the finest abrasive formulation in the TLD Products line-up. It was developed as a finishing step in the paint polishing process. Its main purpose is to remove haze, holograms or micro-marring that may have been introduced during more aggressive polishing steps or poor clear coat maintenance. It can also be used for paint enhancement to extract hidden gloss from clear coat. This product will excel in situations where soft clear coats or delicate finishes are encountered.

The Final Polish was designed with a pure approach to keep the formula as light as possible which in turn provides a high resistance to rubber and plastic trim staining. This means that TFP is thin and light by design. Aggression can also be customized based on pad selection as it is compatible with all pad variations. It can also be used with dual action, forced rotation or rotary machines. TFP will be a great addition to your polishing arsenal if the best possible finish is what you seek. If The Last Cut or The Last Cut + lacks the ability to finish due to formulation aggression, this is where The Final Polish is utilized. This SILICONE FREE formula contains NO FILLERS and is BODYSHOP SAFE.

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