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TRC Off Road - The Tabletop Pack

The Rag Company

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The Tabletop Pack contains 2 durable edgeless / tag-less microfiber pearl weave towels and 2 high-quality microfiber pearl weave applicator sponges safe for applying dressings on exterior surfaces such as plastics, rubber, and trim.

After your off-road vehicle has been cleaned with P&S Wide Open All Terrain Wash, apply P&S Full Send Total Dressing to an applicator or towel for easy application on plastics and rubber. The pearl weave design of the towel and applicator will level the dressing and provide a streak-free finish.

For tires, we recommend applying P&S Full Send Total Dressing directly to the Tabletop applicator and applying it to the tires in layers, as desired. The Tabletop towel can level and remove any unwanted dressing on adjacent surfaces.

Please be sure to pre-wash all microfiber towels upon receipt and before initial use using a high-quality microfiber detergent. Additionally, to best maintain your microfiber towels, please wash and dry after every use and store in a sealed container. The Rag Company recommends using Rags to Riches™ Microfiber Detergent for best results.

The Tabletop Pack Contains:

  • (2-Pack) 16” x 16” Orange Edgeless Pearl Weave Microfiber Detailing Towels
  • (2-Pack) 3” x 5” Orange Pearl Weave Microfiber Applicator Sponges
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