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TRC Off Road - The Trail Boss Pack

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The Trail Boss Pack contains 5 durable edgeless / tag-less microfiber towels safe for use on dashboards, gauges, seats, center consoles, door trim, steering wheels, and other delicate surfaces.

We recommend paring these towels with P&S Off Road Cockpit Interior Cleaner for best results. Simply spray Cockpit Interior Cleaner directly onto the surface and wipe for a quick and easy cleanup.

Please be sure to pre-wash all microfiber towels upon receipt and before initial use using a high-quality microfiber detergent. Additionally, to best maintain your microfiber towels, please wash and dry after every use and store in a sealed container. The Rag Company recommends using P&S Rags to Riches™ Microfiber Detergent for best results.

The Trail Boss Pack Contains:

  • (5-Pack) 16” x 16” Yellow Edgeless 245gsm Microfiber Interior Detailing Towels

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