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Magnetic Tool Mat - Case

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The award-winning Magnetic ToolMat™ is a flexible magnetic mat designed for holding tools and small parts secure in the workshop, garage or on the jobsite; perfect for auto detailing and wrapping! Magnetic on both sides to attract to any flat or curved ferrous metal surface. It’s a mobile tool rack to keep your tools and parts with you while you’re working, helping you stay organized and work fast.
  • Flexible and Magnetic on both sides - Attracts to flat and curved metal surfaces to hold tools and ferrous metal fasteners and parts where you’re working. Keeps parts grouped and organized for faster re-assembly
  • Wraps around and attracts to itself - For use on non-metal surfaces such as ladders, posts and poles
  • Durable synthetic leather - Resistant to rips and damage, grease, oils, and common shop chemicals. Wipes clean easily
  • Reinforced grommets and sewn-in handle - For mounting options and ease of carrying
  • Patent Pending

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