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Platinum Squeegees - Case

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The Wrap Institute Platinum Squeegee was designed to be the best all-around squeegee for installers to use during any installation: walls, floors, windows, interior and vehicles.  The squeegee is made from the highest quality material that is also food grade rated.  This means it will be long lasting and safe to use.  The squeegee has an ergonomic construction that allows it to fit comfortably in the hand from a variety of different angles.  It comes with 3 rounded corners which allows for smooth squeegee strokes.  The 4th corner is squared off which makes it ideal to tuck the film into tight gaps and to seal edges.  The beautiful platinum color makes the squeegee stand out from other squeegees and has the mark of a true professional.

  • HIGHEST QUALITY DESIGN and MANUFACTURING - Designed by Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute and Manufactured by Yellotools from Germany to Ensure Optimal Performance and Reliability
  • ERGONOMIC CONSTRUCTION to Enhance Performance Efficiency and Reduce Fatigue
  • 3 ROUNDED CORNERS for Smooth Workflow + 1 SQUARED CORNER for Precision and Finishing
  • FOOD GRADE PLASTIC - Safe to Hold in Mouth While Installing Wrap
  • UNIVERSAL SQUEEGEE DESIGN for Any Wrap Application
  • THE WRAP INSTITUTE Platinum Product Series - Quality that Installers Can Feel and Customers Can See

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