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ULTRA Air Tool Kit

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The Rag Company's ULTRA Air Bottle Kit is designed for use with the ULTRA Air Blaster Plus+ and/or ULTRA Air Engine Blaster tools.

The complete kit includes:
—Translucent White Impact-Resistant Plastic Bottle - Can be used as an effective backup storage solution for your favorite cleaning and detailing liquids when combined with the Lid with Rubber Gasket Seal. Enables a quick trade-out between multiple products being used
—Black Plastic Lid with Rubber Gasket Seal
—Replacement/Backup Silicone Pickup Tube with Metal Ball
—Set of 10 Label Stickers for the bottle to indicate the liquid product stored in the bottle or type of use. Includes stickers for:

  • All Purpose Cleaner (APC)
  • Water
  • Degreaser
  • Interior
  • Carpet
  • Fabric
  • Dressing
  • Engine
  • Two (2) Blank Stickers for Custom Product Use

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