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Yel-Lo Plek - Case

Regular price $449.55

Color: Teflon

Triangular plastic squeegee for multiple applications

Thanks to its pleasant and ergonomic shape and the CenterFinder in the middle, Yel-Lo Plek is turned quickly like a spinner to the desired application, e.g. to gradually press on film edges without damaging the material. Perfectly usable for signmaking applications, vehicle window tinting, car wrapping or PPF installations. With four shore hardnesses and two different cross-section profiles, working on narrow or slightly curved areas of the car body, wrapping bumpers or lifting rubber seals becomes much easier when using only a single tool.

Product features

  • versatile, triangular squeegee

  • ergonomic shape with CenterFinder

  • four different Shore grades

  • matching polyfiber squeegee pads (sold separately)

Yel-Lo Plek is available in the following variants:   

  • Soft     (35 Shore D): very soft and flexible

  • Green (40 Shore D): soft and flexible

  • Gold    (72 Shore D): medium soft, 

  • Teflon (93 Shore D): very hard,  with Teflon refinement

But wait, there's more: Parallel to the Yel-Lo Plek, we also developed the Yel-Lo Plek Blade with the same basic ergonomic shape, but made of thinner material.

This makes it even easier to apply vinyls in narrow bodywork areas and small corners. It can also be used to lift rubber seals or to work paint protection films into bumper recesses. A small angled notch on one corner can also be used to trim vinyl in certain areas! Please understand that, since it is plastic, the sharpness of the notch will not work forever

Product features

  • extra-thin plastic squeegee

  • ergonomic shape with CenterFinder

  • angled notch for trimming vinyl films

Yel-Lo Plek Blade is available in the following variants:   

  • Gold     (72 Shore D): medium soft

  • Orange (82 Shore D): medium hard 

Save time and money with Yel-Lo Plek, the new universal squeegee for vinyl installations!

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