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Bug Off Insect Remover - Case

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P&S BUG OFF Insect Remover breaks down heavy bug concentrations on the paintwork, front grill and bumper of your vehicle prior to vehicle washing. Apply BUG OFF liberally to the affected areas of your vehicle prior to vehicle washing and rinsing and watch bug debris disappear.  With its extremely simple spray on, rinse off application, P&S BUG OFF Insect Remover will quickly remove insect debris and residues that your car collects on a daily basis, especially while driving on open roads and highways.  Insect residue is one of the most damaging contaminants for your vehicle’s paintwork, as it is highly acidic and will eat away at your vehicle’s clear coat within days! If left to sit on your vehicle, the acids of the insect remains will etch into your vehicle’s clear coat, making it extremely difficult to remove marks that appear similar to water spots. Prompt and effective bug removal, using P&S BUG OFF Insect Remover, is critical to make sure your car’s paint remains in its best possible condition.

P&S BUG OFF Insect Remover Is a powerful, industrial-strength cleaner that will quickly remove even the heaviest deposits of insect debris!  P&S BUG OFF Insect Remover is ready for use, so you can be confident that you will always be using the best concentration to achieve optimum results. If your bug remover is not strong enough, it may remove a portion of the bug remnants but still leave those damaging insect residues and acids behind. Given just one minute on an affected area, P&S BUG OFF Insect Remover will quickly break down all insect residues left behind on your paintwork and neutralize the acids that would otherwise eat away at your vehicle's clear coat.

Even though P&S BUG OFF Insect Remover is a very powerful cleaner, it has been proven to be absolutely safe for any vehicle’s paintwork!

Download SDS: Bug Off

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