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Edgeless 300

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Color: Light Blue

The Edgeless 300 all-purpose terry microfiber detailing and cleaning towel is excellent quality, value-priced, durable, and has a super soft premium 70/30 blend. With an endless amount of different uses, these miracle cleaning microfiber terry towels are the #1 choice for cleaning, scrubbing, dusting, mopping, drying, detailing, and wiping just about anything, anywhere, anytime you need dust, dirt, and germs eliminated.

The soft terry weave, plush 70/30 blend and edgeless design means you can use it on electronic screens, glass, optics, crystal, and other delicate surfaces without fear of scratching them. 

Recommended Uses

  • Removal of polishes, glazes, and sealants
  • Excellent removal of ceramic coatings thanks to its perfect weight, softness, and short pile
  • All interior surfaces including leather, vinyl, plastic, carpet, metal, wood, and more

Additional Product Details

  • Professional cleaning tip: "Fold the towel into quarters to create eight different fresh, cleaning sections.  As each section gets used/dirty, rotate to the next clean section to maximize your towel utilization" 
  • Excellent all-purpose detailing and cleaning towel
  • Tagless and edgeless=scratchless
  • Quickly removes excess polish, glaze, and sealant with ease
  • Premium 70/30 blend and edgeless design ,makes it totally paint safe
  • Use damp for general cleaning; wet for scrubbing heavily-soiled areas; and dry for dusting
  • Safe to use on all electronic equipment and other sensitive surfaces
  • Extremely durable fabric can withstand hundreds of washes with proper care
  • Manufactured on the highest-quality German microfiber production equipment (Karl Mayer)
  • NOTE: Due to the edgeless design, some minor fraying is possible from washing. Simply snip any loose fabric strands with scissors and the towel is back to new!

Product Information

  • GSM: 300 GSM
  • Blend: 70% Polyester/30% Polyamide
  • Weave: Terry
  • Border/Edging: Edgeless
  • Country of origin: China

Care Instructions

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