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HDO Foam Pads with CCS Technology

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Color: Blue
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$8.49 - Save 15%
5.5" $15.99 $13.59 - Save 15%
$16.99 $14.44 - Save 15%
Color Style
HDO Heavy Polishing Pad w/ CCS
Orange HDO Polishing Pad w/ CCS
Black HDO Finishing Pad w/ CCS


HDO & SDO Pad Lines Featuring CCS Technology

The HDO/SDO is one of Lake Country MFG's most popular polishing pad lines. Designed and engineered for orbital polishers, these pads feature tapered edges, unique foams, and a dual layer design in the HDO Pad line. These features have led to long-life and better polishing results for detailers worldwide.


  • Strategic CCS patterns to reduce surface friction
  • These pockets enhance performance by reducing polish absorption into the HDO/SDO foams
  • Less heat combined with our unique engineered foam creates a hybrid polishing experience that will create a longer, working polishing experience with more compound management.

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