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System 4000 Pad Washer

Lake Country

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The System 4000® Pad Washer uses a pump system to clean pads with fresh, unused water or cleaning solution to provide the best pad cleaning experience.  Our unique yet simple design separates dirty water from the fresh cleaning solution by pumping from a lower bucket where the new solution resides, while increasing water pressure and reducing clogging.  The dirty water instead ends up in the catch basin, containing a seal at the bottom engineered to prevent dirt and grime from leaching back into the clean solution below.

Think of this system as a “bucket within a bucket,” where the catch basin sitting above the lower bucket allows a user to stop, dump out the dirty water, and continue.  This ensures pads will not be cross-contaminated with dirty water and old abrasive particles, providing a truly clean pad ready for continued use.

Lake Country Manufacturing focuses on innovation, and the System 4000® Pad Washer boasts many improvements over our original System 3000 Pad Washer.  These innovations help ensure a perfect cleaning system for all our valued automotive detailing customers.

Some notable features include:

  • An improved handle that helps carry the bucket and balance the unit
  • Increased structure of the wash plate to improve durability and avoid flex or cracking
  • Modified open-top to decrease the quantity of water and solution from exiting the washer
  • Updated catch basin and pump seal tailored to prevent seal replacement with a new high-quality grommet seal.

As a detailer, it is essential to use pad washers to keep your pads clean; there’s no better way to learn about pad contamination than by checking out our video feature below!

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