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Full Send Total Dressing - Case

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Full Send Deep Dressing is all about conditioning, restoring, and rejuvenating the OEM appearance to interior and exterior finishes on ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, off-road trucks, and more. Full Send is for use on all types of surfaces including rubber, plastic, vinyl, and even leather. Full Send penetrates deep to provide UV Protection and improve appearance. Full Send is excellent on tires, wheel wells, under-carriage, dashes, consoles, seats, etc. Full Send is a self-leveling formula that can be sprayed on to dwell, or wiped off with a towel.

For best results, clean and dry the area to be dressed prior to product application. Spray or hand apply depending upon application and desired results. Allow to dry to a glossy finished wipe off excess material.


          • Ready to Use Total Dressing
          • Conditions and Restores with UV Protection
          • For Matte & Satin Surfaces
          • Best on Rubber, Trim, Tires and Fenders
          • Self-Leveling Water Based Formula

          Recommended Care

          Before use: Be sure to pre-wash all microfiber towels / wash mediums before initial use with a high-quality microfiber detergent. The Rag Company recommends using Rags to Riches™ Microfiber Detergent for best results.  

          After use: To best maintain your microfiber towels and wash mediums, please wash and dry after every use and store in a sealed container. 

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