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The Cyclone Ultra Wash Mitt

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Color: Blue

The Rag Company ULTRA line continues to grow with the addition of the CYCLONE ULTRA Wash Mitt.

The CYCLONE ULTRA features a new, proprietary microfiber blend that allows for easier release of contaminants in the wash bucket. This change results in a more suitable mitt for rinseless washing in comparison to other wash mitts. But that hasn’t been our only change!

We’ve also incorporated a new microfiber liner made from The Rag Company's popular patented GAUNTLET Drying Towel material. This offers even more grip inside the mitt as well as the ability to hold the perfect amount of liquid during washing compared to other foam liners.

The Rag Company's CYCLONE ULTRA Wash Mitt is perfect for all your foam washing, soap & bucket washing, and rinseless washing needs. Enjoy a swirl-free experience with every wash thanks to the edgeless design! 

For maintenance, we recommend washing the CYCLONE ULTRA Wash Mitt with P&S Rags-to-Riches Microfiber Detergent.

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Product Information

  • Blend: Proprietary Blend
  • Liner: Twist Loop
  • Border/Edging: Edgeless
  • Country of Origin: South Korea

Care Instructions

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