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The Cyclone Ultra Wash Mitt & 10X Wash Pad Combo

The Rag Company

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The CYCLONE ULTRA 10X Wash Pad and CYCLONE ULTRA Wash Mitt are the finest professional quality plush microfiber detailing wash combo value you will find - premium Korean quality, premium performance, and premium TRC value.  

"The Cyclone Ultra Wash Pad's huge 10"x10" size (200 square inches of surface area!) is a first in the marketplace for this type of higher-end microfiber wash pad material (others probably soon to follow). TRC has responded to numerous online forum requests, emails and calls from around the world to create a larger, high-quality microfiber pad than previously available. You'll find many of our competitors selling their own premium wash pads of similar quality and performance in a much smaller less-than-half size, and a much higher cost." 

The CYCLONE ULTRA Wash Mitt continues the theme of extreme TRC quality and value at the highest level. You'll find many of our competitors selling their own premium wash mitts of similar quality and performance at more than twice the price.

These are NOT "cheap knock-off's" made from inferior materials. The CYCLONE ULTRA 10X Wash Pad and CYCLONE ULTRA Wash Mitt are the real deal with all the features you would expect from a super-premium wash combo.

Additional Product Details:

  • Hundreds of Thousands of Premium AA-Grade (Highest Grade) 100% Split Korean Wooled Polyester Microfibers Per Square Inch that Hold a Huge Amount of Your Favorite Suds
  • Long, Luxurious Fibers that Quickly and Safely Encapsulate All Dirt and Road Grime From Your Vehicle and then Easily Rinse Free for the Next Pass
  • The Finest Materials and Seams that are Carefully Double-Stitched and Hidden For the Ultimate in Protection and Durability
  • Materials Tested Around the World in All Conditions to Find the Perfect Microfiber / Foam Pad Combination
  • Perfect Partner with your favorite premium Car Wash Soap: Create a World-Class Level of Lubrication to Safely & Easily Glide Over All Types of Paint and Greatly Reduce Washing Induced Marring
  • With Proper Care The Rag Company's CYCLONE ULTRA 10X Wash Pad and CYCLONE ULTRA Wash Mitt will Last and Last Through Seasons of Washes
  • Manufactured in South Korea on the Highest Quality German Microfiber Production Equipment (Karl Mayer)


    Product Information
    • Exterior: AA Grade Premium 100% Wooled Polyester Microfiber (Proprietary)
    • Country of Origin:  South Korea
    Care Instructions

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